Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is OneSearch?

    OneSearch is an online search portal that helps you find information across a variety of resources from the Republic Polytechnic (RP)'s libraries, databases, Exam papers as well as National Library Board (NLB)’s catalogue and eResources.

  2. What can I find on OneSearch?

    OneSearch can retrieve a wide range of digital content such as books, eBooks and exam papers residing in the RP’s libraries and databases and NLB’s Catalogue

    You can also search various databases subscribed by RP:


    OneSearch can search across various ebook collections from the RP eBooks except The National Academies Press.
    To search ebook in The National Academies Press, please visit NAP page.


    To minimise waiting time while searching on eJournals and databases, only a selection of databases is searched.

    To search other eJournals and databases subscribed by RP, please visit RP eResources page.

  3. How are the content organized?

    The content has been grouped into six categories to help you navigate across the various types of content easily.

    The six categories are:

    RP’s Books and Audio Visual Physical Books and Audiovisual from the libraries can be found here.
    RP’s eBooks e-Books can be searched here.
    RP’s Exam papers Exam papers collection by RP will be searched here.
    RP’s Databases A selection of databases subscribed by RP will be searched here. Refer to Qtn 2.1 for the list of databases.
    NLB’s Catalogue Physical books from the NLB can be found here.
    NLB’s Resources This can redirect to NLB’s Resources based on the search keywords.

  4. Can I access all library content from home?

    Due to copyright and permissions policies, access to some content is required RP’s VPN connection from home.

  5. Do I need to login in order to use OneSearch?

    Access to most of the Exam papers, ebook and eJournal databases is restricted to RP members only. For the best experience, it is ideal that you are logged in so that eJournal and databases subscribed by RP can be searched.

    The search feature will however work even without login. You will be prompted to login as RP member when you select to view the details of a subscribed ebook/e-journal.

  6. How do I search for items in OneSearch?

    Simply enter your keyword(s) in the search box. The search engine will retrieve results containing your search terms.

    Below are some ways to further specify your search terms:

    Exact Phrases To search an exact phrase, place quotation marks around your search terms, for example "Singapore River".
    Boolean Operators

    You can use also the Boolean operator OR to expand your search. E.g. kampong OR kampung will retrieve articles containing the words kampong or kampung.

    Alternatively, you can use the Boolean operator NOT to narrow your search. E.g. kallang NOT airport will retrieve articles about Kallang but not Kallang Airport.

    Advanced Search Clicking on the Advanced Search link will reveal options to narrow down your search. You are able to specify searching in Title, Creator, Subject or Publisher as well as selecting one of the categories of content such as Books, Newspapers, etc.

  7. How do I narrow my search results?

    You may narrow your search results by using the refine search tool located on the left side of the search results page. The refine search tool lists the various result filters (i.e. subject, publisher, author, resource type, etc) that can be used to narrow search results.

    The refine search tool should be used after you have entered a search term and retrieved a large number of results. To reduce the number of results retrieved, you may select the desired filter(s) available in the list of filters. Each filter provides an indicator of the number of search results which can be narrowed into.

    Upon selection of a filter, the filter will appear in the middle of the results listing. You may apply more than one filter to the results. To remove a filter, simply click on the Remove Filter icon icon beside the filter.

  8. How can I submit a feedback or a question?

    You can email your questions or feedback to